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19, Skorpions, England, Warsaw
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So gentle to yourself🐾
So gentle to yourself🐾 6 fotogrāfijas 6 photos
Svarīga informācija par MilaHolter
Dzimums Sieviete
Seksuālā Priekšroka Biseksuāls
Vecums 19
Augums 160cm - 170cm
Svars 45 - 55 kg
Mati Brunete
Acis Zaļas
Etniskā piederība Eiropiešu/Kaukāziešu
Valodas Angļu
Dzimtene Warsaw
Kaunuma Mati Skūta
Krūtis Vidējas
Pēcpuse Liels
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I am attracted to men by their desire to possess me, to desire me!
this is perhaps the core on which everything else that attracts me in men is formed!
for some reason, when this core is absent, all other virtues, such as intelligence, kindness, generosity, and appearance, lose their value.
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Hey hey, I'm Mila, I'm 19 years old. I love the aesthetics of the female body, you can watch this on my show hehe. I love serials and books, dont be shy ask me, i love to talk about this :3
I am a very open and permissive person, who loves being in front of the webcam and going crazy with my body and my best show. I believe that I'm different and that I will find a way to make it worth your while spending time with me, if you only let me.

Your support and love makes my dreams come true, and for this I THANK YOU
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Room’s rules:
Don't make me feel uncomfortable
Don’t break the site’s rules
No begging, cursing or insulting
Do not talk about stuff that makes other uncomfortable
Do not mention anything private if it's a negative thing
Always say hi (I find it very rude when u come to my room without saying hi)
Please don't be rude to me :)
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today the red carpet clearly belongs to me ! today the red carpet clearly belongs to me ! 1:26
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My neon body looks great! My neon body looks great! 1:09
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Travel to Dubai❤
Travel to Dubai❤
I want to enjoy the beautiful views of Dubai, beautiful men and cars! Sunbathing and swimming, full night to go to the Arabic coloring
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baby corgi❤?
baby corgi❤?
I really want a four-legged friend with a great ass! I want to fall asleep with him in an embrace and walk on warm evenings!
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dream car?
dream car?
no words here :)
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самая прекрасная девушка и очень хороший человек,жаль что нельзя оценить её выше 5,заслуживает даже 100 из 5 возможных